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  • N3

    阿拉德之怒mg版New flight control algorithm, dual-IMUs and vibration damping system.

  • A3

    Reliable flight control for wide-ranging cinematic and industrial applications.

  • Naza-M V2

    阿拉德之怒mg版Integrated design, independent power module and more applications.

  • Naza-M Lite

    IOC and attitude stabilization; great for entry-level systems.

  • Naza-H

    阿拉德之怒mg版Flybarless and GPS-stabilized flight control system.

  • Ace One

    阿拉德之怒mg版Compact and easy-to-use flight controller for RC helicopters.

  • E7000

    阿拉德之怒mg版Improved propulsion system designed for industrial applications.

  • E5000

    阿拉德之怒mg版A tuned propulsion system designed for industrial multirotor applications.

  • E2000

    阿拉德之怒mg版Tuned propulsion system engineered for industrial applications.

  • Snail

    An optimized propulsion system for drone racing, giving racers the winning edge.

  • E305

    Fine-tuned propulsion system designed for multirotor copters weighing 1-2.5 kg.

  • Takyon Z660

    阿拉德之怒mg版Custom System on Chip (SOC) and modular design for industrial drones.

  • Takyon Z650

    阿拉德之怒mg版Custom System on Chip (SOC) and modular design for industrial drones.

  • Takyon Z14120

    Weather-proof ESC with Black Box and voice alarm.

  • Takyon Z425-M and Z415-M

    Custom System on Chip (SOC) and modular design for racing drones.

  • Takyon Z318 and Z420

    阿拉德之怒mg版Custom System on Chip (SOC) and modular design with DJI Assistant 2.

  • Flame Wheel ARF KIT

    Ultra-strong ARF kit with lots of assembly space.

  • Cendence

    The Cendence remote controller has multiple custom buttons and dials, allowing you to set aircraft and camera parameters with ease. Its SDI output port meets the requirements of professional broadcasting and filming, and you can change the printed circuit boards to make it compatible with different DJI flight platforms.

  • Datalink 3

    阿拉德之怒mg版Adaptable remote controller with integrated modem.

  • Datalink Pro

    Wireless data link that supports the DJI A3, D-RTK, and Ground Station.

  • DJI Lightbridge 2

    阿拉德之怒mg版Professional quality live streaming from the sky.

  • DJI Lightbridge

    A revolutionary 2.4G Full HD digital video downlink.

  • Manifold 2

    Turn Your Vision Into Reality

  • Manifold

    High-performance embedded computer specially designed for DJI's Onboard SDK.

  • Guidance

    阿拉德之怒mg版Revolutionary visual obstacle-sensing system.

  • Matrice 100

    The ultimate inspection and mapping machine!

  • D-RTK 2

    Centimeter-level positioning system with uninterrupted data transmission.

  • D-RTK

    Positioning system specially designed for DJI A3 series flight controllers.


    阿拉德之怒mg版Real-time flight data for transmission to the ground.

  • iOSD mini

    阿拉德之怒mg版Designed for a DJI autopilot system and is used with WooKong-M, Naza-M or Naza-M V2.

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