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  • Inspire 2

    阿拉德之怒mg版Cinematic aerial performance for filmmakers.

  • Osmo Pro and Raw

    M4/3 sensor, professional gimbal,4K video,16 MP stills.

  • Inspire 1 Pro/Raw

    阿拉德之怒mg版Micro 4/3 camera for professional aerial imaging.

  • Inspire 1

    DJI's most advanced technologies in one platform.

  • Zenmuse X7

    The Zenmuse X7 is a compact Super 35 camera with an integrated gimbal made for high-end filmmaking, delivering stunning resolution and image quality.

  • Zenmuse X5S

    M4/3 camera that shoots 5.2K CinemaDNG and 4K Apple ProRes video.

  • Zenmuse X4S

    1" sensor that shoots 4K 60 FPS 100 Mbps video.

  • Zenmuse X5R

    阿拉德之怒mg版Micro 4/3 aerial camera capable of recording lossless 4K videos in RAW.

  • Zenmuse X5

    Compact Micro 4/3 camera made for aerial photography and cinematography.

  • Ronin-SC

    阿拉德之怒mg版With a lightweight design and superior stabilization, Ronin-SC is a 3-axis stabilizer for mirrorless cameras, allowing users to create professional footage with ease.

  • Ronin-S

    Designed for DSLR and mirrorless cameras, the Ronin-S combines advanced stabilization, precision control, and manual focus control capabilities in a compact, single-handed form factor. With the Ronin-S, creators can shoot with the freedom of stabilized shots on the move.

  • Ronin 2

    阿拉德之怒mg版Powerful 3-axis handheld gimbal for any film set.

  • Ronin-MX

    阿拉德之怒mg版3-axis handheld gimbal for ground and aerial filming.

  • Ronin-M

    阿拉德之怒mg版Light 3-axis handheld gimbal for professionals on the move.

  • Ronin

    阿拉德之怒mg版Professional 3-axis handheld gimbal for filmmaking.

  • Master Wheels

    The Master Wheels controller are an advanced professional wheel controller that employs high-precision sensors, advanced control algorithms, and state-of-the-art product design to deliver precise and butter-smooth remote camera movement control.

  • Force Pro

    阿拉德之怒mg版Employing industry-leading communication technologies and control algorithms, DJI Force Pro is a camera movement control system that allows operators to control gimbals remotely with incredible accuracy.

  • CrystalSky

    Created for outdoor aerial imaging, the Crystalsky monitor features an ultra-bright screen that is clearly visible in direct sunlight.

  • DJI Focus

    阿拉德之怒mg版Professional follow focus system accurate to ±0.02°.

  • DJI Battery Station

    阿拉德之怒mg版For the TB50 Intelligent Battery

  • Cendence

    阿拉德之怒mg版The Cendence remote controller has multiple custom buttons and dials, allowing you to set aircraft and camera parameters with ease. Its SDI output port meets the requirements of professional broadcasting and filming, and you can change the printed circuit boards to make it compatible with different DJI flight platforms.

  • Osmo Accessories

    Add a new dimension to your creative process with new Osmo tools and accessory kits. Combined, these create one of the smallest and most powerful mobile filmmaking systems on the planet.

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